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Buzzmath provides interactive math practice for grades 1–8 that’s aligned with U.S. curriculum standards. Students engage in a historical adventure where they collect stars and badges to unlock missions to help Alfred rebuild Mathlantis. More than 10,000 activities and engaging missions help students take ownership of their learning.

COST: US$20/month or US$120/year for up to four children.


  • Students work at their own pace. 
  • Audio reading of text is possible, and reading skills are not required.
  • Program provides immediate feedback for incorrect answers. 
  • Parents can track their child’s progress in real-time within a parent portal.
  • Especially great for middle school students — the program was first developed for this demographic then expanded for younger students.
  • Works well with all levels of learners.


  • Could be used as a curriculum for home education, but may need supplementing, especially for assessing students.

Why it’s helpful for families living internationally

Buzzmath is a highly rated, engaging math program for middle school students and has recently expanded to include learning for younger students. Families living internationally may benefit from this online program to reinforce their child’s learning at school or for home education.


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