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Codecademy teaches users how to code in several programming languages by providing interactive exercises organized into lessons. Courses feature interactive lessons on JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, and more. Those who are already experienced with coding can create their own lessons.

COST: Free for basic lessons, and more intensive lessons available with a monthly subscription.


  • Well-organized site that helps students choose where to begin their learning. 
  • Multiple programming languages to choose from. 
  • Discussion forum to help with specific coding questions.


  • Reading level is too difficult for younger students. Site is intended for older students (13+) and adults. 
  • Some limitations as students become more experienced in a particular programming language. A subscription may be needed if the student wants to progress further.

Why it’s helpful for families living internationally

This is a good option for older students wanting to learn about computer science. Codecademy allows kids to “try out” different programming languages in a safe environment free of charge. It’s also accessible nearly everywhere in the world.


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