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Google My Maps

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Create and share custom maps with Google My Maps. Using a basic Google map background, users can add points or draw shapes anywhere. They can also add icons, colors, photos, and videos to any place. Users will need a Google account to use this web application. 

COST: Free.


  • Features a variety of map backgrounds and colors. 
  • Explore anywhere in the world.
  • Maps can be shared and modified by multiple users, if they have Google accounts, using Google Drive.
  • Personalized maps can be saved and viewed in the Google Maps mobile app.


  • Users can’t access this web app unless they have a Google account. 

Why it’s helpful for families living internationally

Google My Maps is a great way to “play” with maps. Your family can track your travels, provide directions to your home, pinpoint the best nearby shops to visit, or just explore a location anywhere in the world. For families living internationally, this is a fun resource.


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