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Project Noah

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Project Noah is a global citizen science platform to discover, share, and identify wildlife. The Project Noah community includes 350,000+ nature journals, 825,000+ wildlife spottings, and 1.5 million+ geotagged wildlife photographs. (from the Project Noah website) To participate in the Project Noah community (by sharing photos, identifying wildlife species on others’ photos), users must create an account using an existing Google or Facebook account.

COST: free


  • Encourages users to become scientists by sharing photos of wildlife in their location. 
  • Users can view others’ nature photos and help to identify wildlife species. 
  • Kid-friendly, safe platform. Social interaction is limited.
  • Project Noah is ad-free.


  • Parents need to set up an account for their kids to access the Project Noah community.
  • Younger children will need guidance with taking quality photos and uploading them to the website.

Why it’s helpful for families living internationally

Project Noah encourages your family to look more closely at the wildlife in your location. It’s a great tool to study nature and hone your photography skills, no matter where you are. The Project Noah community is truly international, with participants located around the world.


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