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TCK International Academy

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TCK International Academy provides distance education for transitional students (third culture kids [TCKs]) in kindergarten through 12th grade. The school is designed to meet the needs of expat families who live and work all over the world. TCKIA started in fall 2017 with 42 students in grades 3–12 from 6 regions and 16 countries. The school is fully accredited.

(From the TCK International Academy website.)

COST: US$3,500/year


  • Designed especially for third culture kids and families living outside of their passport culture. 
  • Social opportunities for students to meet virtually.
  • Dual enrollment (high school/college) courses offered for older students.


  • Instruction is asynchronous, which may be undesirable for some students. 

Why it’s helpful for families living internationally

TCK International Academy is one of the only online schools designed specifically for expatriate students. The staff is trained and experienced in working with the TCK population and can support these students with greater understanding. 


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