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Biography features the most gripping, surprising, and fascinating stories about famous and historical people. Numerous biographies about famous people and creative articles, including:

  • 10 of the Greatest Men’s Soccer Players of All Time
  • How Dr. Suess’ 1970 Trip to Kenya Inspired ‘The Lorax’
  • Bruce Lee: The Mystery Surrounding the Martial Artist’s Death

Each article provides thorough citation information for research purposes.

COST: Free.


  • Engaging material, with unexpected stories about famous people.
  • Well-researched articles and complete source links.
  • Content updated regularly.
  • Great for older students researching information or simply curious about famous and historical people.


  • Advertising throughout site.
  • Emphasis on famous people from the United States. The site is growing the number of biographies about global personalities.

Why it’s helpful for families living internationally

Biography is a reputable online source for information and student research. This is especially helpful for families who are homeschooling or lack nearby libraries. 


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