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Build quantitative skills in math, science, and computer science with fun and challenging interactive explorations. Brilliant features challenging, self-guided online courses for grades 7–12 and beyond. Brilliant helps users see concepts visually and interact with them, and poses questions that get you to think.

COST: Subscription of about US$25/month or US$120/year.


  • High-level courses for gifted students and useful to those competing in math or science contests.
  • Engaging for students who enjoy studying math and science.


  • Some courses assume users already have foundational knowledge about that topic and instruction may not be thorough. 
  • Some users report that instructional methods use higher-level language that may be too difficult for kids to follow. 
  • Not recommended for students who struggle with or don’t enjoy learning math concepts.

Why it’s helpful for families living internationally

Brilliant offers stimulating coursework for users who like to “play” with math or science. It’s a great option for older students living internationally since courses are offered entirely online. This may be a good fit for students who enjoy advanced math concepts.


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