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Geography Realm

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Geography Realm provides information about physical and human geography as well as guides for learning about geography and developing a career in geography. Maps, mini games, ebooks, and geography events are also featured. Some homeschooling geography lessons available. The site was created and is maintained by a geography expert.

COST: Free.


  • Well-researched articles and complete source links. 
  • Interesting and newsworthy articles and graphics.
  • Especially great for older students seeking information or considering job ideas in this field.
  • Some tools for home education, such as printable maps.


  • Some emphasis on geography in the United States.
  • Some advertising on the site.

Why it’s helpful for families living internationally

This is a good source of reputed geography information for students who are serious about this subject. Geography Realm also offers helpful ideas and printable worksheets for parents homeschooling their children.


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