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Lugelo is a secure, user-friendly web, iOS and Android journal app that lets users share stories with friends. Create highly interactive timelines, private journals, blogs, scrapbooks, stories, and biographies all under one platform. Users can use a variety of sources to enrich their story, including notes, SMS, email, images, videos, audios, social media, and uploads.

COST: Free.


  • Secure site for kids with child safety options that parents control.
  • Options to share journal entries and stories publicly or not at all.
  • Collaboration possible with other Lugelo users.
  • Projects can be shared on social media or via email.
  • Speech to text option — Lugelo converts user’s speech to text without typing.
  • Users can work on projects both online and offline.


  • Younger kids will need help navigating the site or mobile app.
  • Not an instructional site for writing — Lugelo gives users the tools to create and share their writing projects. Some parents may prefer a site with more feedback for their young writers.

Why it’s helpful for families living internationally

Using Lugelo, users of all ages can put their stories in writing. This is a great tool to share life with family and friends far away. It’s also helpful for young writers developing their story-writing voice. Writing and art blend on this site with the optional use of photos, audio, video, and more. 


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