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Oxford Owl

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Oxford Owl is the home of online teaching, learning, and assessment resources for children ages 3–11. It features reading and math activities to support learning at home, advice and support for parents and a large, free ebook library with leveled books. Oxford Owl provides a simple year-by-year guide to the UK national curriculum along with activities parents can use to reinforce learning.

COST: Free.


  • Easy for parents to navigate.
  • Clear and specific information to help parents understand what their children are expected to learn.
  • Practical and applicable activities to support specific academic skills.
  • Tools for parents to assess their own child’s learning.


  • Oxford Owl sells educational products and services, and these are featured throughout its website.
  • Parents will need to help their child navigate this site.

Why it’s helpful for families living internationally

Oxford Owl provides a detailed description of the UK national curriculum for younger students, which is helpful for parents who want to ensure their child is meeting standards. It’s a great tool for families living internationally who want to support their child’s learning and provide supplementary activities in specific academic areas.


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