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Twitchetts provides practical ideas for art, activities, and crafts to help children explore their creativity. Many materials are simple and easy to find. The site also features easy recipes, party planning help, cleaning tips, and numerous printables (some paid, some free). (Printables are worksheets, coloring pages, games, or craft templates.) Twitchetts may also be found on Facebook on the pages for Twitchetts and Construction Paper Crafts for Kids.

COST: free


  • Projects can be made by children with a parent’s help.
  • Most projects utilize easy-to-find materials like construction paper, paint, and scissors. 
  • Printables are a great way to engage your child in an activity when you’re on the go. 
  • Printables may support homeschooling families’ educational goals.


  • You will need to work together with your child to complete projects. For some parents, this may not be desirable. 

Why it’s helpful for families living internationally

Twitchetts provides a great way for you to encourage your family’s creativity, even while living in a new country. Simple materials are accessible in many locations, and paper-based crafts are a great option for encouraging your child’s artistic abilities.


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