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Tyto Online

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Tyto Online empowers middle school students to be authentic science problem solvers. In an online game environment, students solve a food shortage using genetics, or figure out that animals are sick from microplastics by examining the ecosystem and collecting data. Content modules include cells to organisms, growth and genetics, ecology, and weather and climate. Students observe, experiment with, and run experiments to collect evidence and observe the phenomena.

COST: Family subscription of about US$5/month (for one student).


  • Fun, game-based learning that’s engaging for students. 
  • Curricula is aligned with academic standards in the United States.
  • Teachers/parents can monitor student progress using a teacher dashboard. 
  • Students can play on their own or content can be assigned based to reinforce classroom instruction.


  • Game navigation may be difficult for students who aren’t familiar with role-playing games. 
  • The game provides supplementary instruction, not a complete curriculum.
  • The game is in active development, with more content modules planned for the future. As a result, some glitches may arise as users play the game.

Why it’s helpful for families living internationally

Tyto Online has great appeal for kids ages 10-13, no matter where they live. Since it’s accessible online, this game may be a great option to reinforce science concepts for families living internationally. It also allows students to explore phenomena that they probably couldn’t interact with at school or at home.


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