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This curriculum teaches children how to write — and shows parents how to teach. Whether children are very young or well into their teens, WriteShop’s step-by-step lessons will help parents introduce and review the building blocks of the writing process. Even children who are not yet reading or writing independently can use WriteShop to “write.” Curriculum includes lesson plans and a specific scope and sequence. It may be purchased in hardcopy or ebook formats.

COST: Varies.


  • Structured writing program.
  • Parent-intensive program — pre-planning and instruction required by the parent. Some families may prefer this instructional model.
  • Adjustable instruction for reluctant or motivated learners.


  • Strong parental involvement. This may be undesirable for some families.
  • Hardcopy materials must be shipped. Alternatively, ebook formats may be ordered at a discount and printed in your location.

Why it’s helpful for families living internationally

WriteShop is a well-known, reputable writing program for students of all ages. Its adjustable instruction works well for a variety of learners. Although the hardcopy books may be shipped internationally, ebooks may be a better option for some families. Parents should be prepared to be fully involved in this program.


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