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Saxon Math

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Saxon Math provides a learning structure proven to advance students in grades 4–12 steadily and assuredly to higher levels of understanding. Saxon takes an incremental (little by little) approach to math, introducing a new skill or principle each day, then reviewing these concepts and skills day after day for weeks. This approach helps build students’ confidence in their ability to “do” math successfully. Students who have used this program receive consistently high scores on standardized math tests. Saxon Math curriculum is developed by the publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. 

COST: Varies.


  • Math concepts are reviewed multiple times, helping to reinforce understanding.
  • Encourages student independence. 
  • Rigorous academics, preparing students well for standardized testing, including university-entrance exams.
  • More math drills and memorization, which may be desirable for some families.


  • Fewer manipulatives used than in other curricula. Tends to be more difficult for students who need hands-on learning.
  • Textbooks tend to lack visual appeal.
  • May be too rigorous for some students.
  • More math drills and memorization, which may be undesirable for some families.
  • Textbooks must be ordered by mail. This may be difficult in some locations.

Why it’s helpful for families living internationally

Some families living internationally have chosen this curriculum due to its strong academic reputation.


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