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Who We Are

Supporting International Families

World Family Education is a collaborative project, with contributions from education professionals and experienced global nomads. This site seeks to empower parents to make the best educational choices for their family, no matter their culture of origin or current country of residence.

For families living internationally, educational options can be limited. World Family Education provides information about potential offerings, the benefits and challenges of each, and resources for those needing extra help.

The site is produced by Jonathan and Kari Steffen, who have lived internationally for most of their lives. Currently in Malaysia, the Steffens both grew up in southeast Asia. At different times during their formative years, Jonathan and Kari attended international schools, were educated at home, and went to a national school. Their three sons now attend an international school.

A U.S. citizen, Jonathan was a public school teacher in the United States for several years before becoming an international family educational consultant more than 10 years ago. As a consultant, he has worked with numerous families living throughout Asia.

Kari is also a U.S. citizen and has been an editor and writer for nearly 20 years. She has worked at a newspaper, university, advertising agency, and school.