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Children with Special Needs

Families raising a child with special needs while living internationally face an incredible challenge. Not only are they navigating another culture, and all of the transitions and adjustments associated with that, they also are caring for a child that requires extra support.

Special Assessments for Kids Living Internationally

If your child struggles with the learning process, you’ve probably wanted to know more about how your child learns and how to help them. Perhaps it’s difficult to communicate your concerns with teachers or to advocate for your child. The information you are looking for, which summarizes your child’s skills and behavior, is found in a learning profile.
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Learning Disabilities

Children with learning disabilities may have difficulty in developing listening, speaking, reading, writing, spelling, reasoning, or mathematical skills.
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Special Needs Resources by Location

A major challenge for families living in another culture is finding quality services for their children with special needs. This directory includes services and professionals that work with international special-needs children — and do it well.