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Transition Seminars & Support

Compiled by World Family Education

If you are experiencing a major transition as an internationally mobile family, a seminar or coaching session may be helpful. Some organizations focus specifically on supporting families with transitions such as:

  • Leaving your home culture (for families, children, teens, adults)
  • Reentering your home culture, either temporarily or permanently (for families, children, teens, adults)
  • Going on to university

A seminar or coaching session can help you not only understand the transition process but also thrive in it. It can also help you process your emotions, understand the challenges you may face, and identify strategies to transition successfully.

Organizations that Offer Transition Training and Seminars

International Family Transitions   IFT helps with university transitions for third culture kids (TCKs) and foreign nationals who plan to study in their home culture (or other new culture) for high school or university. IFT also provides resources to those who support TCKs and international students.

YouthCompass   Addressing the unique needs of mobile teens by providing caring adult role models who assist them in navigating life. Support given through regular events, service projects, and open dialog on faith and belief.

Transition, Training, and the Foreign Service Child   Support for transitions of U.S. military families living internationally at the U.S. Department of State website.

Comhlámh Supports those involved in international development work, both as development workers and volunteers. Offers debriefing, counseling, re-entry support in Ireland.

The Culture Blend Jerry Jones (based in China) at the Culture Blend provides transition training and coaching for expatriates. Faith-based support is also available.

TCK Workshop Tutoring and coaching online for Japanese third culture kids (TCKs).

TCK Institute: Transition Catalyst Korea Provides lectures, workshops, and coaching for Koreans who have lived internationally and non-Koreans transitioning into life and work in Korea.

Organizations that Specialize in Support for Families Working in International Christian Ministry

CultureBound   Intercultural and language training for U.S. residents who are traveling or moving to a new culture. Includes sessions for children, teens, and adults and specialized training for internationally mobile families in Christian ministry.

Asian Cross-Cultural Training Institute (ACTI) Serves churches and mission agencies in Asia with pre-field preparation and repatriation of their workers. ACTI seeks to impart the knowledge, skills, and character formation needed for cross-cultural workers to be effective in their ministries. Services in Singapore and Thailand.

Interaction International   U.S.-based organization that provides training, programs, and advocacy for third culture kids and internationally mobile families in Christian ministry.

Daraja   Encouragement and equipping through life transitions for international families. (U.S.-based)

Transition seminar    Seminar for teen third culture kids exploring how to navigate the challenges, benefits, and opportunities of the cross-cultural transition process.

Educational Planning seminar    Seminars in the United States to plan your child’s education overseas, especially if the family will educate at home or use national schools.

Missions Interlink   Australian organization that provides training, events, and resources to equip cross-cultural workers. Transition and re-entry seminars.

Re-entry Refresher   For adults returning to their home culture (U.S. citizens).

Barnabas International   U.S.-based organization that cares for global workers in Christian ministry through going, speaking, listening, and giving. Offers transition seminars for children of Christian missionaries, retreats, conferences, and training.

TCK Netherlands   Supports children of Dutch Christian workers living internationally.

MK Care   Supports children of German Christian workers living internationally.

Mu Kappa   A fraternal organizations for Christian missionary kids (MKs) on college campuses across North America. Mu Kappa exists to encourage MKs, multicultural students, and international students in their cross-cultural transitions.

MK Nest   Support and resources for children of Korean Christian workers living internationally. Offers transition seminars and training.

World Missionary Koinonia   Supports Korean Christian families and children living and working internationally.

mKainos   Supports children of Korean Christian workers living internationally (missionary kids [MKs]) who are transitioning to universities in the United States. This organization works with MKs who are 18 year old and older.

Canadian MK Network   Supports children of Canadian Christian workers living internationally. Offers transition seminars and training.

For more intensive help with transitions, see the World Family Education page Family Counseling & Coaching, which lists professionals who are experienced with cross-cultural issues.