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Family Counseling & Coaching

Compiled by World Family Education

Sometimes families need to reach out for help. Whether you’re dealing with a crisis or facing the challenging aspects of living in another culture, counseling or coaching is a good option to support your family.

Nearly half of expatriate business assignments fail, according to this article at CEOWorld Magazine, and research shows that family support is critical to a successful experience in another culture.

“When children have difficulty adjusting to school, a spouse misses family and friends back home or the family is unable to connect and fully engage in their new life in the host country – the challenges impact everyone.”

Randy Steinlauf, CEOWorld Magazine

One way to support a family is with a transition coach who can help parents navigate basic needs during their adjustment to a new location. This person can help each family member set the stage for the future and support them in being the best they can be while living internationally.

Some families need more in-depth help from a professional counselor. It’s important to find a counselor who is experienced with cross-cultural issues, such as culture shock, loneliness, cross-cultural relationships, and post traumatic stress disorder in the international context.

Below is a listing of professional coaches and counselors that have worked with families and individuals living internationally. Those known to offer remote video counseling/coaching are marked with (*).

Disclaimer: The resources listed here are included as a service to families living internationally and do not constitute endorsement by World Family Education.

Help for a Crisis

International Suicide Hotlines  Contacts are listed by country.

Pathways to Safety International  Provides assistance to Americans who have experienced gender-based violence abroad.

GlobalARRK   Support for parents involved in international custody disputes and broken relationships. This organization helps with counseling, negotiations, and legal advice.

Counseling & Coaching

(*) asterisk marks those offering remote video counseling/coaching services

*International Therapist Directory — Listing of therapists based in numerous countries with multiple languages spoken.

*Truman Group — Remote psychotherapy and mental health consultation to expatriates living around the world. They work with individuals, couples, families, and children in regions of the world that have few local English-speaking resources available for mental health.

*Mary Hawk — Mary Hawk grew up in another culture and has many years of experience counseling both children and adults in cross-cultural situations. Based in the USA.

Global Counseling Network — Christian counseling network that serves families and individuals living internationally.

*Remote Access Mental Health — Online mental health counseling by a trained professional.

*TCK Nest — Online/video counseling for parents, families, and teens living internationally. Services provided in English, Greek, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, and Chinese.

Advance Global Coaching — Coaching for the Christian missions community living internationally.

*Oaks Counseling — Counseling, retreats, and support at reduced rates for Christian missionaries living internationally.

Expatriate Connection — Online support and community for struggling expatriates. Some free courses for working through depression and other cross-cultural issues.

Sea Change Mentoring — Matches third-culture kid (TCK) youth ages 16–23 with older TCK mentors.

Hand in Hand Resources and Consulting — U.S.-based counseling for individuals and families who need help with international transitions.

*Inner Journeys Counseling — Counseling and psychotherapy for English-speakers living internationally. Site also features the Mindful Expat podcast for emotional well being.

RNG International Educational Consulting — Comprehensive educational planning and solutions for international families facing a variety of issues, such as learning differences, struggling learners, transition to university, finding a boarding school, and more.  

The Culture Blend — Jerry Jones (based in China) at the Culture Blend provides coaching and training for expatriates.

Carolyn Rizzo — Coaching for parents living internationally who either have a medical diagnosis of their own or a child with a life-altering health condition or injury. She also offers consultation on age-appropriate education and preparation for medical procedures (especially with kids who have special needs). Based in Italy.

Global Nomad’s World — Counseling and coaching for families before, during, and after their experience in another culture. GNW also offers international sports consulting.


Clarity Brunei — Counseling, coaching, therapy. Assessments for learning disabilities and mental health issues.

Expat Energy — Coaching for families throughout Asia.


Living Well — Counseling for Christian workers living internationally, with services in English and Korean.


Expat Counseling and Coaching Services — Individual and couples counseling for expats.


Tumaini Counseling Centres — Individual, couples, family, and trauma counseling for Christian missionaries, with services in multiple languages.


Rekindle — Mental health therapy services for international expat and local Malaysian clients. Provides treatment for individuals, couples, and families of all ages, ranging from young children to the elderly.


Life Journey Centre — Psychotherapy, coaching, training, and spiritual care practices to support Christians serving locally and internationally.


The Expat Kids Club — Counseling for children living internationally.

Yellow wood — Psychotherapy and counseling for expat couples and individuals.

Expat Couples Counseling — Therapy, workshops, and retreats for couples.


Cornerstone Counseling — Individual, couples, family, and trauma counseling for Christian workers living internationally, with services in English and Thai.

The Well International — Clinical counseling, soul care, training, and events for Christian workers living internationally. Services in multiple languages.


Tumaini Counseling Centres — Individual, couples, family, and trauma counseling for Christian missionaries, with services in multiple languages.