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Sonlight is a Christian literature-based homeschool curriculum for preschool through high school. The U.S.-based company pioneered this style of structured homeschool in 1990 when they started the company. Sonlight All-Subjects Packages come with all the books and resources families need to teach their child at home.

COST: varies


  • Parents may use parts of the curriculum or order the curriculum as a complete package. 
  • Sonlight’s complete package eliminates the parent’s lesson planning time altogether.
  • Some books in Sonlight’s curriculum packages may be borrowed from libraries or purchased as ebooks, reducing the number of physical books needed for the program.
  • Students who are reluctant readers may benefit from parents reading numerous books to them.
  • Program is more balanced in worldview than other curricula, covering different perspectives and world cultures.


  • As a literature-based curriculum, Sonlight requires a parent (or other caretaker) to read multiple books to their child. For some families, this may not be desirable.
  • Book packages must be mailed. This may be problematic in some locations.

Why it’s helpful for families living internationally

Sonlight emphasizes world history and world cultures. While it is a U.S.-based curriculum, which includes study of U.S. history, Sonlight provides balanced perspectives of various cultures. Many families enjoy the focus on literature and reading to their child. Sonlight may be shipped almost anywhere in the world, and the company is very experienced with international shipment.


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