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There are millions of geocaches hidden around the world — there are probably some near you right now. Geocaching is an outdoor recreational activity in which participants use a Global Positioning System receiver or mobile device (and other navigational techniques) to hide and seek containers, called “geocaches” or “caches,” at specific locations marked by coordinates all over the world. provides geocaching maps, a blog, gear for sale, and community for those in the geocaching community. Users also need to download the Geocaching mobile app to find geocaches.

COST: Free.


  • Fun way to explore your community and meet others who are geocaching in the area where you live.
  • Children learn how to use coordinates and navigational tools as they go on a “treasure hunt” to find a cache.
  • Family-building experience great to do together.
  • Hands-on activity to teach about geography.


  • Children should receive guidance from an adult if they want to try geocaching. An adult may need to accompany them to find a cache.

Why it’s helpful for families living internationally

Geocaching is a fun way to get to know your community better while learning geography. This is a global activity, with participants in most locations in the world. You can connect with other geocachers in person or online at


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