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Mondly uses a combination of course materials, augmented reality (AR), and chatbots to help learners master a new language. It currently supports 33 languages. Different app options are offered for language learning: 

  • Mondly — the primary language learning app.
  • Mondly VR — a virtual reality tool that allows users to interact with a virtual “person” in another language. (Requires use of a cardboard VR viewer.)
  • Kids Mondly — similar to the primary app, but more visually appealing for kids.

The program focuses on teaching real-world conversational phrases and vocabulary using daily activities and games. It is largely aimed at beginner learning levels.

COST: Some free features, with subscription to unlock complete program. About US$10/month and $48/year.


  • Attractive and up-to-date interface keeps learning fun.
  • Augmented reality allows users to generate a language teacher anywhere.
  • Rewards and features keep users motivated.
  • Allows users to learn from their native language, if it’s one of the program’s 33 languages.
  • Users report that voice recognition is accurate.


  • Some users report that instruction in grammar is lacking.
  • Occasional technical difficulties have been reported, including audio not matching written text.

Why it’s helpful for families living internationally

With options for kids and VR learning, Mondly is an engaging language-learning tool for families living internationally. It can be used to supplement classroom learning or even be a complete curriculum for home education. As with any language-learning program, Mondly doesn’t replace in-person interaction.


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