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Night Zookeeper

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Night Zookeeper is an online writing tool, class blog, and library of interactive lessons for children aged 6–12. The site has helped over 1 million children develop their writing, reading, and creative thinking skills. Night Zookeeper features fun games that increase vocabulary and improve spelling, puzzles that develop grammar and structure skills, and story creation lessons that spark imaginations.

COST: Monthly subscription ranging from about US$10 to $13.


  • A safe creative writing community for kids.
  • Gamified instruction makes learning fun.
  • Activities to teach creative writing as well as mechanics of writing.
  • Can be used as a writing curriculum for young writers learning at home.
  • Kids create a portfolio of writing work and receive feedback from writing coaches. 
  • Parents can review data about their child’s progress in the game.


  • Monthly subscription may be expensive for some families. 

Why it’s helpful for families living internationally

This extremely engaging game is a great tool for families living internationally due to its accessibility online and portability. Night Zookeeper has been reported to be successful with both avid writers and reluctant learners. It’s also a good way for kids to find an encouraging and safe community online.


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