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Contribute an Article to World Family Education

World Family Education is a collaborative project to support families living internationally as they make decisions about educating their children. We welcome written contributions about this topic from a variety of authors. Past contributors include both parents and education professionals who live internationally. 

If you are interested in writing an article for our site, please review the content at World Family Education to understand our style. Keep in mind that we value:

  • In-depth and actionable information that is practical for families.
  • Articles written to a diverse audience from many different cultural backgrounds and living situations (both urban and rural). Our audience includes families whose children receive an education in international schools, in national schools, and/or by homeschooling.
  • Sensitivity to non-native English speakers, avoiding cultural jargon and clichés.
  • Avoidance of loaded terms, such as “expatriate,” as they insinuate a certain social class and stereotype.
  • A secular (nonreligious) approach to writing. We DO include resources for families from various religious backgrounds. 

Many of our articles are informational, and the tone is more formal in these pieces. We are open to including other forms of writing, such as personal narratives.

World Family Education Article Submission Guidelines

  1. Please contact us first before submitting an article to ensure that your idea fits within the scope of our website.
  2. Article length can vary. We are also open to graphics, podcasts, videos, slide presentations, and just about any other media that might help to share an idea effectively.
  3. We edit all content submitted for publication, including grammar, formatting, content, headlines, and length. Contributors may be asked to do multiple rounds of revisions, as we have a thorough editorial process.
  4. If you include any information or quotes from other sources, you must acknowledge them. Sources should be linked to within the article or cited clearly at the end of the article.
  5. Writing submissions should not advertise services or products. Authors may include a link to a website or email in a biography at the end of the article.
  6. Biographies should be 1–3 sentences long and clearly describe the writer’s experience and/or education related to the article topic.

Contact us for further information.